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  • Limited Edition Digital Print - 'Treasure 001' 


    Special limited edition of 20 units signed and numbered digital print Glicee Studio Etching 300 gsm 40x50cm.



    "Treasure" is a series of paintings I have been creating since 2021, inspired by the philosophy behind the Japanese art of Kintsugi - where broken porcelain is pieced together with urushi lacquer dusted, highlighting cracks and repairs as events in the life of an object, rather than allowing its service to end at the time of its damage or breakage.

    The practice of Kintsugi is more than just repairing something broken; it embraces imperfection and transforms it into something beautiful and meaningful. In "Treasure", I delve into this idea, creating portraits that not only emphasize the fractures but also incorporate gold inspired by Kintsugi, highlighting these marks as testimonies of human journey and resilience.'

    Giclee Print - 'Tresure 001'

    £120.00 Regular Price
    £90.00Sale Price
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